Ismail Kadare house cost 300 thousand USD, the technical tricks with bricks and concrete restoration in stone instead of wood

Mar 18, 2016

Restoration or reconstruction is the question that has started to take place between Gjirokastra about works in the museum house of the famous writer, Ismail Kadare. The stone house was inaugurated in late January on the occasion of the 80 anniversary of the writer, who missed the opening ceremony because it is located in Paris. At first glance everything seemed to return in time when the women of the city were handmade curtains, and then put in windows of buildings characteristic of this historic city. Once the building was burned down two decades ago, "works for house dragged so much the writer lost his patience, and felt sad," said media publisher of his works, Bujar Hudhri. Meanwhile, restoration specialists have shown the magazine "Story" technical details of the works, which are not taught to respect the theoretical rules of a historical monument of the first category, it is this building. The restoration has cost 300 thousand USD, and it is worth considering that it is working with concrete and bricks, which are not allowed in class A. Work monuments is that concrete does not appear from the outside, but is in the structure, which does not permitted at all after the heritage and restoration which should be used stone and wood (authentic materials) and not the brick and concrete, urban era material. According to experts who have been present during the proceedings, stairs and floor are made of concrete and is located above the layer of wood. While the first visitors said they did not give the feeling of a traditional Gjirokastra house as a result of these restorative solutions mentioned above. "In a historic area always preserve the authenticity of the use of traditional materials of construction according to tradition, so no bricks and concrete covered with plaster or wood", expressed confidence in the specialists. House museum will be open to visitors who are curious to see where he lived Kadare 17 years of age, has five rooms, which were laid down zairetë environments, as well as water tanks to catch rainwater. This house, which he made available Kadare City Hall 20 years ago is considered the symbol of life and creativity of the writer. Kadare has described the stone house in some of his works, so that every reader has created personal përfyrimin as if he was inside her. /

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