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Dear users,

We hereby inform you that for purposes related to the provision of services by shpi.al and the requests sent for information as well as the special property / estate contact information (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Services"), shpi.al, processes the data supplied by you or obtained in various ways during the performance of the Services. The head of the treatment is shpi.al in the quality of the personal data controller. The list of those responsible for personal data processing and recipients of third-party recipients is available at shpi.al offices.

Data processing is carried out using the appropriate procedures to protect confidentiality and consists of collection, registration, organization, storage, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, distribution, destruction and destruction , including the combination of two or more of the abovementioned activities, with the following modalities:

a) The processing of related, instrumental and necessary data for the provision of Services shall be carried out mainly by using automated and computerized modalities, respecting the rules of confidentiality and security required by law and only occasionally, by shpi.al employees, in time-to-time functions such as customer care officers, employees relationship with sales advertisers, or those responsible for information technology maintenance (IT area), who perform their duties under the supervision and direct responsibility of shpi.al. In addition, for the service to meet housing demand and information and contact information for particular property / estates, the data will be communicated to estate agents, builders, and / or private advertisers. In any case, the nature of the Services requires communication by the user with shpi.al and subsequent processing of information and information about the user's directions and preferences about the type, location and property characteristics: such data and information and processing they are indispensable to meet user requirements.

b) In addition to the express and specific consent of the user, shpi.al may also process data to send information, materials and commercial offers to companies that from time to time develops commercial partnership agreements and / or initiatives , campaigns and joint projects, such as, but not limited to, banks, financial institutions, telecommunications service providers, real estate companies, home service providers. Consent for the processing of personal data by the user is mandatory for the processing referred to in paragraph (a) and optional for the processing under paragraph (b) above. Therefore, in the case of refusal of consent for the processing of personal data referred to in paragraph a), shpi.al will not be able to provide services, and in the event of a lack of consent for the processing of personal data referred to in point b) processing will be limited to the activities mentioned in point a), ie the full fulfillment of the obligations arising from the provision of the Services as well as the fulfillment of the obligations required by the laws, regulations and

legislation. We also inform you that, in accordance with LAW No. 9887, dated 10.3.2008 ON PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA, the user has the right to object, in whole or in part, to the processing, for legitimate reasons and, in any case, in case of dispatch of materials advertising or direct sales or conducting market research or commercial communications, and may, in the manner and in accordance with existing legislation, require confirmation of the existence of personal data relating to it and to learn the origin, receive communication, receive information about the logic, modalities and purposes of processing, require updating, correction, integration, request cancellation, anonymous transformation or blocking of illegally processed data, including those unnecessary for purposes for which they are collected and more generally, to exercise t all the rights that are recognized by the provisions of the above law.

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